John Jereza

I started meeting people who worked with DCM and began to see how strongly driven they were towards doing their work, while always  putting God first. It was that connection between faith and working in the world that pushed me to take part and discover how greatly the Mission is needed in Dublin. Working in Taste & See Café and with DCM has been one of the most encouraging things I have done. Serving in the community doing God's work and carrying out His mission of sharing the gospel  has been a remarkable experience. Being in the Café, I have enjoyed meeting people and sharing about the Dublin Christian Mission.

Mary Kate-01.png
Mary Kate

This is MaryKate: one of our previous interns at DCM. She studies children ministry. Last year she was here helping to renovate Taste & See Cafe with a Great European Mission. What she likes the most is the community and relationships we have created with the people that come in. It was also cool for her to come back and work after being there last year and seeing it as an empty room. 

Meredith Spicher

This is Meredith: she loves children and previously was doing an internship with DCM. The thing she likes the most would probably be learning from everyone who works at the cafe. Everyone there is very kind, helpful, and willing to teach people who may be a bit clueless.

Leslie Flores-01.png
Leslie Flores

This is Leslie: Theology Masters Student at Trinity and one of our regular volunteers and a great friend of ours!
She enjoys coffee and chatting with people and loves that at Taste & See she gets to do both. 

Josh & Emily

This is Josh and Emily: They are students from @nwciowa and were a great help to us here in the cafe! When Josh was here, he enjoyed talking with people and having genuine conversations. Emily enjoyed learning new things and also meeting all of the different people who come to the cafe. 
We will miss them

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